40 Days 40 FinTech

40 Days 40 FinTechs Season Two Registration Underway. Click here for details.

40 Days 40 FinTechs Season One.

HiPipo is pleased to present 40 Days 40 FinTechs, an initiative under its Include Everyone program as it continues to lead the way in advocacy for the creation and dissemination of technology that enables financial inclusivity.

The 40 Days 40 FinTechs is shining a spotlight on those that are breaking down digital barriers and bringing millions more on the continent into the digital transactional space and transforming their lives for the better.

40 Days 40 FinTechs is presented in proud partnership with Crosslake Technologies, ModusBox and the Mojaloop Foundation. HiPipo invites all to join the conversation with the hashtags #40Days40FinTechs and #Interoperability.

Have your say, as we continue to set the FinTech agenda for the world!

We promised a special update regarding the 40 Days 40 FinTechs initiative for the Include Everyone Program. Today, we are very excited to announce that HiPipo Foundation is delivering an open invitation to the 40 Days 40 FinTechs initiative this year! This initiative will help to expose your FinTech, Developer team or emerging company to new tools available to reach the poor and as such extend access to innovative financial services, the initiative will be available to both members and non-members of HiPipo Foundation in Africa.

Starting May 13, we invite you to register your team and we will schedule a call or physical meeting to introduce you to amazing new financial technologies, thirty FinTechs and tech start-ups will have chance to feature at 2020 FinTech Landscape Exhibition in the week of 12 to 18 July at Kampala Serena Hotel. Your organization or Team, as participant in the 40 Days 40 FinTechs initiative, will have the opportunity to be profiled in HiPipo Foundation annual report and participate in the Mojaloop community.

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