Digital Impact Awards Africa

The Digital Impact Awards Africa is an esteemed annual awards project, founded by HiPipo, which forms a part of the Digital and Financial Inclusion Summit. This research-based initiative celebrates and acknowledges excellence in digital innovation, digital inclusion, FinTech innovation, and financial inclusion products, services, and innovations.

The Awards program sets the pace for organizations to adopt advanced digital innovation and financial inclusion strategies. It encourages participants to improve and align their products and services by challenging and inspiring them to achieve greater heights of excellence.

Each year, our aim is to expand the event by bringing together more stakeholders to celebrate the successes of financial inclusion and to address shortcomings. We also aim to set the agenda that guides the industry towards interoperability and conformity.

As we celebrate the 10th edition of the Digital Impact Awards Africa, it’s gratifying to note that the event enjoys increasing international recognition, and is now among the most respected and sought-after prizes in the Digital Innovation, FinTech, Financial Inclusion, and DFS sectors. The awards’ prestige emanates from public recognition and the digital industry’s acknowledgement of the technical achievement-based award, and the uncompromised integrity with which it is managed.