Research & POC

Our research for Time Saving Capacity of Mobile Money was referenced in the GSMA 2017 and 2018 State of the Industry Reports on Mobile Money.

In 2020 we are extending this with a product proof of concept (POC) that will be streamlined to products that will drive financial inclusion for women

  • BorderPesa: Informal cross border trade in predominantly having women traders. BorderPesa will accept cross boarder merchant payments keeping both the payer and payee currencies intact. Using an interoperable payment switch like Mojaloop, we plan to do this product POC with special customization for women informal traders.
  • MaMaPesa: Is POC product that will deliver short term loans to female merchants. Some aspects of this product will vary over time, as the product is optimised. MaMaPesa scores and creates an offer according to the female merchant’s level of risk and affordability. The product will be modelled to be interoperable.