Advocacy and Political Policy

  1. HiPipo Foundation leaders or employees may at any time have the right to run for political office or speaking out about candidates or elections, but should never at any time speak for or on behalf of HiPipo Foundation in matters relating with politics. As such any leader or employee of HiPipo Foundation shall express their need in writing and to the foundation board.
  2. HiPipo Foundation, its leaders and employees shall be prohibited from participating or intervening in political campaigns on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate for public office for and or on behalf of the organization. Any such activities shall be exclusively done on individual levels and such individuals shall not use origination funds to carry out such activities.
  3. HiPipo Foundation shall do an unlimited amount of advocacy, with clear lines drawn to ensure that the foundation never crosses into political activity, and if in any case, any of the foundation activities crosses the line into lobbying, it is resolved that the board of director shall track how much of the lobbying activities is done and shall such ensure limits are drawn. Not more than 4 percent of the organization activities and budget shall at any time be used to engage in lobbying activities.
  4. HiPipo Foundation, its leadership and board shall be prohibited from distributing the organization income or assets to, or for the benefit of, a private person or non-charitable organization, other than distributions, in case of dissolution, HiPipo Foundation assets shall be distributed to a charity in line with the activities we carry out such as science and tech, education.
  5. HiPipo Foundation shall not conduct a substantial amount of non-charitable activities that sabotage with the objectives and goal of the organization