Advocacy Content

HiPipo boasts one of the best advocacy content creation arms in the world, producing award-winning, informative, and educational papers and research reports on digital innovation, financial inclusion, and cybersecurity. In 2022, we published the world-class “FINTECH & IIPS IN AFRICA: CHALLENGES, CHOICES & OPPORTUNITIES” state of FinTech report, and the highly successful 2nd Edition of the Women in FinTech Magazine. The latter featured the first-ever 100 Women in FinTech listing in Africa, and was titled “Women in FinTech; NEW VOICES & WOMEN LEADERS GUIDED BY THE Level One Project.

Our team has also produced globally acclaimed documentaries and films, including the first-ever Ugandan indigenous movie to stream on Amazon Prime in 2019, titled “Life of a Champion.” In 2022, we produced the “#WomenInFinTech” documentary titled “Closing the Gender Gap in Access to Technology, Skills, and Usage of DFS,” and a “40 Days for FinTechs #LevelOneProject” documentary titled “Building Sustainable Models to Serve Low-Income Users.