The #IncludeEveryone 5th Digital Impact Awards Africa

The 5th Digital Impact Awards Africa (#DIAA2018 #IncludeEveryone) is underway. As part of our #IncludeEveryone program #DIAA2018 is the leading event honouring the best in digital across Africa. DIAA2018 focus is on financial inclusion.  Nomination submission entries are open from June 25th and will close by July 25th 2018.

We are Financial Inclusion

An estimated 2 billion working-age adults – more than half of the world’s total adult population – do not have an account at a formal financial institution. Financial inclusion efforts seek to ensure that all individuals households and businesses, regardless of income level, have access to and can effectively use the appropriate financial services they need to improve their lives. The benefits of financial inclusion are not only significant for individuals but for economies as well. Financial inclusion is linked to a country’s economic and social development and plays a role in reducing extreme poverty.