FINANCIAL INCLUSION is no longer an option. It is a NECESSITY.

Emily Sonia Nakabuye.

In 1994, the world’s richest man, also MICROSOFT founder, BILL GATES declared that BANKING IS NECESSARY but BANKS ARE NOT.

26 years later, the innovations and developments in the banking and finance sector continue to vindicate BILL GATES.

His proclamation is even more relevant now, considering that the Coronavirus pandemic has become a fully-fledged global economic crisis.

Minus washing hands with soap, sanitizing, not touching our eyes, nose and mouth plus STAYING AT HOME, another effective way of combating COVID19 is embracing Mobile Financial Services.

In African tradition, having money in CASH is a sign of wealth and status but these out-dated practices must totally stop if we are to SURVIVE such pandemics.

Money notes are not only dirty and infected but also unsafe as they encourage theft. On the other hand, a cashless economy is clean and safe.

Away from the health angle, the economic way of combating the Corona Virus is embracing Mobile Financial Services such as mobile money and other digital payments.

Digital cashless payments particularly empower WOMEN and other vulnerable members of our society to take care of their family needs through electronic home shopping using mobile money without exposing themselves to COVID19 and other dangers.

It is not lost on me that a big section of our people is in rural areas with limited access to mobile phones. But we have a very good start point.

Even so, COVID19 should be a wakeup call for US. How do we ensure that everyone boards the mobile financial services train? What are we doing to ensure that mobile financial services are available, affordable and accessible by everyone?

HiPipo Foundation is implementing a deliberate program to further entrench financial inclusion with well-tailored activities targeting everyone, but with stronger focus on WOMEN, YOUTH and PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES.

Like you may know; an ECONOMY that includes EVERYONE, BENEFITS EVERYONE.

I am home and safe.