Even our ROLEX GUY accepts MOBILE MONEY. What about YOU?

Good Day Friends.   This is Ella Kalungi.

Two years ago, my sister and I wanted a ROLEX.

Dad gave us some cash.

Our Aunt escorted us but some metres behind.

In no time, we were at the ROLEX stall.

We ordered for our favourite; 1 chapatti, two eggs and tomatoes Rolex.

When our ROLEX guy was done, he asked for the money.

Ooops, we had lost the cash while running to satisfy our carving.

At this point, our Aunt called Dad.

He wasn’t happy but accepted to get another KAMONEY.

Daddy said; “get the ROLEX GUY’s mobile money number.” Mobile what? I wondered.

But, in 1 minute, the ROLEX guy had the MONEY. He handed us our ROLEX.

Since then; we don’t do cash. We pay with Mobile Money.