“People not only buy your product but buy into you. Be smart because you are the business yourself,” Doreen Lukandwa told Young Developers.

Doreen Lukandwa; the Head of Marketing and Customer Success at Beyonic Uganda has urged start-ups to pay special attention to both customers’ acquisition and retention as these two are core pillars of business success.

While delivering the final mentorship session at the just concluded Women in FinTech Hackathon held in Kampala, Doreen Lukandwa took the participants through the 7Ps of the market mix, that is to say; Product, Place, Price, Promotion, Physical Evidence, People, and Processes.

“Marketing is not something that you just pick from the back of your pocket and say that I need a marketing person. You can actually do the marketing yourself. Every day you talk about your business, you are marketing it. You must understand your customer. When you know who you want to speak to then you know how you are going to get your money back through pricing,” Doreen Lukandwa said, adding;

“People not only buy your product but they buy into you. Look smart; don’t take that for granted because you are the business yourself.”

Organized by HiPipo under its Include EveryOne program in partnership with Crosslake Tech, ModusBox, Mojaloop Foundation and Level One Project, this women focused hackathon has participants conceptualizing and developing different financial inclusion products with special focus on women in areas such as payments, lending, saving, e-commerce, e-education and e-agriculture among others. 

Day 5 was the final day of this week long Women in FinTech Hackathon. Teams pitched their products to the jury and now waiting for the final scores. The team with the best product will be announced tomorrow, Friday 18th September at the Women in FinTech summit at Sheraton Hotel.